Biography PhotoWillie Walsh
Chief Executive Officer

First appointed: May 2010. Re-elected January 2011

Committee Membership: Safety Committee

Key areas of prior experience: Airline industry

Current external appointmen... 

Biography PhotoAlex Cruz
Chairman and CEO, British Airways

Appointed April 2016

Alex became Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of British Airways in April 2016.
In 2006 he founded Clickair. As CEO, Alex drove the airline’s fast European growth, culminating in the 2009 merger with Vueling, turning the new Vueling into... 

Biography PhotoLuis Gallego Martín
Chairman and CEO, Iberia

Appointed March 2013

Luis became Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Iberia in January 2014, after becoming Chief Executive Officer of the airline in March 2013. Since his ap... 

Biography PhotoEnrique Dupuy de Lôme
Chief Financial Officer

Enrique Dupuy became chief financial officer of IAG in January 2011, joining from Iberia where he was chief financial officer from 1990. He is responsible for the company’s financial strategy and... 

Biography PhotoRobert Boyle
Director of Strategy

Appointed January 2011

Robert became IAG Director of Strategy in January 2011. He is responsible for the Group’s global strategy, for achieving its revenue synergy targets and for the G... 

Biography PhotoIgnacio de Torres Zabala
Director of Global Services

Appointed January 2011

Ignacio joined from Iberia where he was Director of Finance and Administration from 2009. He was previously Director of Finance for thirteen years. Ignacio des... 

Biography PhotoJulia Simpson
Chief of Staff

Appointed January 2011

Julia is responsible for global communications, government relations and executive administration and business services. Previously Head of Corporate Communic... 

Biography PhotoChris Haynes
General Counsel

Appointed January 2011

Chris is responsible for the Group’s legal and associated compliance activity. He was previously the senior commercial lawyer at British Airways and head of i... 

Biography PhotoJavier Sanchez-Prieto
CEO of Vueling

Appointed April 2016

Javier became Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Vueling in April 2016, after being Strategic Planning and Finance Director of Iberia since 2013, where he was a member of the Board of Directors and played a key role in the Transformation Plan to restore profitability and future sustainability of the Spanish airline

Biography PhotoAndrew Crawley
CEO of IAG Cargo

Andrew Crawley was appointed IAG Cargo’s Chief Executive in January 2016

Previous to this he was the Chief Commercial Officer at British Airways and an Executive Board Member of British Airways plc. He also held positions of Chairman of British Airways Holidays, Chairman of OpenSkies (British Airways wholly owned French airline subsidiary) and a board member of Avios Group Ltd.

Biography PhotoStephen Kavanagh
CEO of Aer Lingus

Stephen Kavanagh was appointed as Chief Executive Officer and executive director with effect from 1 March 2015. Prior to his appointment as Chief Executive Officer, Stephen had served as...